21st Century “Tinderbox” from which Tonteldoos got its name.

Good quality wooden “Lion Match” box. Comes with eco-friendly firelighters and a box of matches.Perfect for the braai area.

R150.00 Incl VAT


Woolly Bugger T-Shirts

Sizes range from small – XXXL.

Good quality Barron 145g

Colors: maroon, navy, grey, white & black

R150.00 Incl VAT


Woolly Bugger Caps

A Choice of black or Navy blue. The black is a Slazenger with buckle or velcrow with the Navy option.

Both are R100.00 incl VAT



Black on clear vinyl.

Approx. 20 cm long

Prices are R20 – R30 each Incl VAT


Handmade SOLITARY Bee Hotel.

Recycled and treated solid wood bee hotel complete with super cute roof and chimney. Hang it from a tree (or anything) in your garden to promote bee population.

Encourages only solitary bees and not the stinging honey bees. Solitary bees are considered our most important bee pollinators.

Prices vary from R100 to R150 incl VAT


Fridge Magnets

Engraved wooden medallions

R30.00 incl VAT


Woolly Bugger Hoodies

Available in Medium, Large and Extra Large.

Navy blue & grey options

R350.00 incl VAT


Woolly Bugger Flies

Handmade flies tied by only the best in Dullstroom. This box contains 18 flies that work on our dams and a few secret weapons that work in other dams.

R180 a box incl VAT


Key ring

R25.00 incl VAT


Cobblers Peg Tincture

*Good for what ails you*

Although this is made for ornamental purposes, it does have medicinal qualities used as early as the 1700’s.

Ingredients: Black Jack leaves, stems and flowers (BidensPilosa) infused with 88% proof alcohol (Vodka).

Distilled and bottled here on the farm.

Here is a very informative website: https://www.hindawi.com/journals/ecam/2013/340215/

R30 incl VAT



As provided in your cottage, we now have retail packs available to you should you want extra or to take home. These locally made fire starters are a fantastic product! Only one ball needed per fire, eco-friendly, no smell, the list goes on!

R20 per box of 6 balls incl VAT


*Subject to availability. Goods are at the farm house. Please note, we prefer cash but we do have credit card/EFT options. Please call Anna – 0765561345 or Jono 0768769610 or Angela – 0791030949 for more info.

Take a little bit of Woolly Bugger home with you!